FINNEBACKS food shop-window refrigerators and freezers

During the construction of petrol stations we have established a close and regular contacts with foreign specialists and manufacturers; therefore we are able to provide refrigerators and freezers installation and their maintenance.

These are refrigerators and freezers with glass doors. Such refrigerators and freezers are installed in shops and warehouses.

Since 2007 we have been the representatives of the company FINNEBACKS ( in the Baltic States. Freezers and refrigerators’ floor, wall and ceiling panels are supplied by this company.

FINNEBACKS is one of the leading companies in Scandinavia, which has many years of experience and traditions of such panels manufacturing.

The shop-window glass doors are supplied by the company SCHOTT which is one of the leaders in Europe in this field. Doors are thermostable, visually attractive, with good lighting that presents your products more attractive to buyers. Door kit also includes the full shelving equipment.

We will install appropriate temperature maintenance equipment and take care of its service.